Bitch is back

February 23, 2009 § 2 Comments

First things first. I’m not writing this from some detention cell, trading my bra for cigarettes Bridget Jones style. After all that unnecessary build up from Berlin, I arrived in Prague with no hostility whatsoever. Besides a bus full of noisy teenagers (I do not like teenagers, and no, I was not such an idiotic one), the ride was fairly smooth.

Let’s leave it at that. I will however remember not to call the Australian Embassy for anything else, as they had left me to contemplate my own fate. Not cool.

Anyway, it’s my 4th day in Prague. My mind is slightly sloshy at the moment. Huh? It’s already 4pm, and I have hardly gotten out of my pajamas.

A few posts ago I told myself that after Amsterdam I was going to give my body a bit of a break. However in celebration that I did not have to come into contact with German customs, I might have over-indulged myself. It is difficult to describe everything, but I shall leave the following list of words to people’s active imaginations. Not in order of course.

Couch, lots of chicken wings, beer, supermarkets, funny Czech dudes, freaky paper doll cut-outs, whiskey, me wanting to marry a Czech girl, Korana the carrot-chewing dog, wine, some vague conversations, TV Tower with weird baby climbing sculptures, hot cranberry juice, a castle, George the snow-pig, Vin Diesel, 3am on Saturday night, striptease sausages.

That about summarizes it.


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