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February 20, 2009 § Leave a comment

My opinion is, the more one agonizes about certain things such as visa issues, the more these issues will not be solved. Like the good old embassy says, there’s nothing we can do.

So I’ve adopted the view that if I don’t think about it, it shall all go away and there are more important things to focus on. Therefore in order to sidetrack myself from the predicament at hand, my obvious answer to everything in this world, is food. Specifically chocolate, but I’m not really that picky.

For those of you who have been following, I was sick with some sort of food poisoning in Brussels, and the sight of food made me sick for one entire week. I did not feel hungry, for one week, because my tummy was angry. It was angry, and I was very sad that it was angry. I felt lower than the lowest pits.

Anyway, the point is, that is the past. My tummy is happy again, and this crazy phenomenon of not being hungry, has long been forgotten. I forgave my tummy, and it forgave me. We are friends once more. Regardless of whether I will be apprehended when I next cross the German border, I have been distracted by my beloved food and chocolate. A little rollcall from the past couple of days:

– Three quarters of a loaf of brioche topped with loads of glorious Irish butter.
– Curry wurst with fries, ketchup, chili flakes, and of course, curry.
– Boulette (thick chunks of German style minced patties).
– Chocolate tiramisu with drinking chocolate.
– Grilled fish with roasted vegetables.
– More mashed potatoes than one can ever consume
– All the Belgian chocolate I brought from Brussels

I almost wanted to take a big bite out of that chocolate Titanic, but I resisted. I will be going to Prague this afternoon. Will I be seized?


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