February 19, 2009 § Leave a comment

Despite the heavy snow and my apparently ‘illegal’ status, I decided that it really was useless to go into hiding or mope about in a sad manner. If I am to be deported, they will have to drag me kicking and screaming from the fabulous sights and museums, as the rightful tourist I am. So I’ve been carrying on, and have been venturing out to all sorts of places.

I could describe the profoundly archinerd-y experiences I had at the Holocaust Memorial or the Bauhaus Archives, but I won’t. However, I might delve into weird ass episode from yesterday.

Night had fallen early as usual. J suggested we take the bus (I was hesitant but agreed) and the U-bahn to an underground art gallery sort of place, where one could check out alternative art and such. The street we arrived in was covered in snow, and it had a chic kind of atmosphere to it, with luxurious bars and trendy restaurants. But J led me past all of these, and after some minutes, we stopped at what seemed to be an unsavoury doorway into an equally unsavoury building.

Has anyone ever watched Saw? The gruesome scenes of terror set in a building consumed by an odor of obsoleteness, where Jigsaw played with the minds of his victims? This was such a building. A building that seemed to have completely surrendered itself to its repulsive fate, quietly accepting its peeling walls of bad graffiti and faded old posters.

We climbed up a few floors. Along the dark winding stairwell, I observed the one or two shady characters loitering about the stairwell cradling their bottles of cheap booze. The entire thing had dodgy written all over it, yet I followed on with curious uncertainty.

At the third floor or so up, you might imagine my fascination when we arrived at a skinny hall which led to rooms filled with backstreet artists offering their work for sale. There were quite amazing pieces of artwork and interesting pieces of jewellery up for grabs, and upstairs were also a couple of grungy little bars and even a cinema. From one of the bars we had an awesome view of the city completely enveloped in snow. We mingled with some Spanish tourists, and some guy shoved me a piece of paper with his Myspace details in case I wanted to date him. I don’t even remember what he looked like.

I got us some Berliner beer, looked down onto the twinkly sculpture filled courtyard, and thought to myself, shit. I fucking love Berlin.


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