Eat your spinach

February 10, 2009 § Leave a comment

The good news is, I’m fixed! The bad news is, I had to miss my 53€ bus to Berlin because I was too busy arguing with my stomach. It won, I am the loser. And now I need to buy another one. A ticket, not a stomach in case you were wondering.

But! Good news is still good news. Food is tasty again! I can finally eat the Belgian chocolate I had been hoarding. And what better to help one recover then eat spinach? Spinach is the bomb. Because Popeye eats it. He eats it and then he is strong again. And Popeye is like a super healthy dude. I bet he never gets sick. Except maybe of that horrid Olive. Oh yes, also honey is good for you. Thanks too to those friends who wrote me nice emails after reading about my sickness and homesickness. I have two friends, hooray!


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