25 things

January 29, 2009 § Leave a comment

So, I got this thing on my Facebook page today, where I’m supposed to write 25 random things, facts, habits or goals about myself, then pass it on to another 25 people, and so on. Due to my neurotic principles of never ever participating in any kind of chain letter or thing in which I need to spam my friends, I decided to put my 25 things here instead.

1. I’m an obsessive compulsive neat freak.
2. I think old people shouldn’t be allowed to drive.
3. I don’t drink coffee.
4. I hate it when people say ‘ni hau ma’ or ‘konichiwa’ to me on the street, ignorant fools.
5. I love sunlight.
6. I have a morbid fascination with roadkill.
7. I want to live near a large body of water.
8. I think the English language is the most beautiful language on the planet.
9. I want to know how I can cure my acute big-fat-truck-driver snoring.
10. I will never ever wear high heels, g-strings, or lipstick.
11. My favourite parts of the male anatomy are his hands and arms.
12. If I ever get stranded on an island, the food items I must have are eggs, rice, potatoes and corn.
13. No matter how many times I’ve seen it, I can still watch Lord Of The Rings again and again.
14. The only thing I know how to write in Chinese is my own name.
15. I hate it when people have long phone conversations on public transport….no one gives a fuck.
16. I don’t believe in destiny but I believe in soul mates.
17. I never feel sorry for people begging on the streets, they don’t deserve my change.
18. I won’t hesitate to spend $200 on pillows and sheets but I won’t spend $2 on a Coke.
19. I can never become vegetarian.
20. I often wonder what makes people happy.
21. I admit to being materialistic, though it is well under control.
22. I have a really bad sense of direction.
23. I hate taking the bus.
24. I can’t live without a phone, ipod, camera, laptop, and internet.
25. I’m a bossy, stubborn bitch.


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