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January 28, 2009 § Leave a comment

Contrary to the popular belief (of most and myself for that matter) that vagabonding one’s way through Europe would promise to be glamorous and delightful, no independent travel book or website ever prepared me for the extreme bouts of homesickness that I frequently encountered.

In fact, the whole idea of ‘homesickness’ is somewhat ludicrously insane, as my entire formulative years between the ages of 13 – 21 had been spent in three different cities in three different continents altogether. Therefore the concept of ‘home’ never really stuck around very long, and I was convinced that I was the kind of person that could adapt and live anywhere in the world.

See, the problem lies in the premise that I belong nowhere, yet everywhere. But as my traveling reaches its 4-month mark, I find myself constantly thinking about Sydney, where I have spent the last 8 or so years of my adult life.

For example, random Sydney things that crossed my mind today:

– I miss my own bed (though technically I don’t have one since I sold it, but you get the idea).
– Wouldn’t it be nice to have a lie-down at Coogee beach today?
– Wow, petrol is getting cheaper. I miss driving my Rav4.
– Hmm, I wonder what I, TW, A, and J are doing right now? Drinking tea without me I reckon.
– Mmm…pad see ew in Newtown.

And so on. The obviousness of these thoughts make me rather happy, though I’ve been told not to hurry back due to this damn financial crisis.

Oh, to change the subject completely, I have to sneak this in – due to reasons best left unsaid, I have been demoted to sharing a room with an aquarium in which lives two friendly, cricket chomping mice, Kick and Flip. I watched them both tear the heads off four very much alive crickets, a scene both horrifying yet utterly fascinating at the same time.


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