January 8, 2009 § 2 Comments

Firstly, I apologize. The following narrative, which has festered and sprung out from the deepest darkest crevice of my psyche, will be absolute dribble to most of you. If this should be the case, I would advise you to please stop reading. But I figure if you’re on this blog, you are probably more than slightly interested in what I have to say.

I once saw a movie about two people meeting on a train going cross country through Europe. He was traveling to some city or other, she back home to family. On this train they have a mind-blowing connection to one another, and basically spend something like 24 hours discussing life, hopes, dreams, and everything significant that mattered in between. It was a bond so intimate that at the end of the movie, as they said goodbye to one another, they agreed to meet again exactly one year from that day at the exact same place at the exact same time.

The ending was not to be a happy one. But the message in this movie resonated so deeply with me that for many years, while I lived an existence consisting of career and financial pursuits, subconsciously I wanted to be one of these two people. So as the story is known, I sold up, packed up, and pissed off.

Which brings us to now. I confess, I am here in the south of France, because of this movie. Because I believed, that I had met someone so awesome, it was worth enduring a hell-ish itenary (consisting of walking for miles to catch a plane, almost waiting 11 hours alone on Christmas Eve, and then trekking back at 4am on Christmas Day to the station to take another 4 hour train to get to where I needed to go), crossing borders several times with a 15kg backpack, and now, basically spending endless hours in a place I had never planned to return to; just so I could spend more time discussing random shit with this person. As the song goes, this story don’t mean anything, if you’ve got no one to tell them to, it’s true…

As it turns out, this story was not meant to be. For now, anyway. So I will leave Toulouse in a few days, back to Bordeaux for a week to a place I know, with a friend I love. There is no time for sorrow, for there are still places to go and people to meet. My journey will resume in Geneva, very soon.


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