Just girls

December 17, 2008 § Leave a comment

I have made the 6 hour road trip to Lisbon and am now couchsurfing with Rita. She greeted me at the metro station with a warm smile and led me to her flat. To get there we navigate through labyrinth like streets, the old cobblestones rough on my feet. From the steep street we climb up and reach her building, old, with faded tiles on the outside. We have to walk up three floors of hard stairs with no lift or light, but I’m just happy to be in Portugal, finally.

Her place is small, and I notice there is no couch, but the smell of food wafts through from the one-person kitchen. Within the hour my eternally starving self is satisfied. Her cat falls in love with me and spends the next few nights sleeping at my feet as I lay bundled up in a sleeping bag on the unfinished timber floor. I have no complaints.

It feels nice being with a girl for once and doing usual things such as waking up in the morning. Though I have enjoyed hanging out with the boys immensely, I also like doing girly things on occasion. So with Rita I have spent many lovely hours strolling through the city (by day!) and beautiful afternoons taking boat rides and indulging in Portugese custard tarts.

I have really pleasant memories of cooking, eating, and even just hanging washing out on the line in the sparkling sun. From the top floor I have a great view of the ‘real’ Lisbon, with its maze of streets and messy tiled roofs. I breathe in the smell of fresh laundry, I love this smell. I almost feel normal again.


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