December 14, 2008 § Leave a comment

That’s the word for my time in Seville.

Now, after the last update, most of you would think it might probably be wise to be taking lots of vitamins, drink lots of water, catch up on some beauty sleep, and other similar healthy activities. Although it would appear that my good intentions are always there, inevitably events seem to have a mind of its own and I find myself ending up feeling like crap. Again.

No, it’s not what you think. This is NOT an AA blog. All accidental coincidences, really. I shall attempt to provide a summary. I apologize for the vague-ish commentary. After all, it is pieced together by the mind of a very vague individual at the moment.

Seville is my last destination in Spain and I guess I have not learned my lesson after all. I have discovered that willpower is a trait I thought I possessed but clearly do not. As a result I can say with confidence that the last few days have been a rather hazy mix of all sorts of night activities after that ‘one drink’. These activities may have included some deep intellectual discourses over some fine Spanish wine at some point but I’m sorry to say I really don’t remember too much of it. I suppose I could always consult my conversational partners but these people are to me but hazy also. Pretty sure I discussed the meaning of life at some point with a Gary Sinise lookalike.

This is what I remember. Tapas and sangria. Some Spanish guy who looked exactly like Jerry Seinfeld. Tinto de verano. Free flamenco. Bars and clubs till dawn. Spanish folk who bought me drinks and taught me to swear in Spanish. Waking up not knowing whether it was night or day. Breakfast at noon, lunch at 5pm and dinner at midnight. I do recall going to the Plaza de Espana one evening but never really saw the city by day at all.

I feel completely wasted. Fucking hell I think I’m getting too old for this shit.


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