One mariposita

December 7, 2008 § Leave a comment

Spanglish is way amusing. Especially if it’s Spanglish nonsense. Have you heard the one about the mariposita? It needs to be told in a Spanish accent. I laughed till I almost pee-ed in my pants. Ok so maybe I’m easily amused. And maybe I might have had a FEW afternoon drinks at several Spanish establishments.

It was all part of David and Belen’s Grand Granada Tour. It basically involved churros and chocolate for breakfast, 20% sight-seeing and the rest sampling local beverages and yes, more tapas. This time the tapas included escargots, prawns and paella. Believe it! I was feeling light-headed by 5pm. We headed for a small siesta. I am beginning to feel Spanish.

At night we went for the most excellent flamenco show. Never would have thought a short little curly-haired man wearing a pink shirt stomping around on a stage could be so entertaining. I was extra fascinated by the man whose only job was to clap his hands. So anyway compared to yesterday’s mishap, today was mucho excellent. I even hate the bus less.


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