Hasta luego

December 2, 2008 § Leave a comment

Free tapas and free beer rules, I discover in Madrid. Yep. Free. Bet nobody knew that. Although I didn’t believe it myself at first, I happen to like free stuff, so I followed my new Spanish friends to several tapas bars one fine night.

So the concept is, buy one drink, get tapas free. Not like some miserable tiny pieces of sad-looking bread crumbs, but LARGE PLATES of food. Mushrooms, patatas bravas, Spanish omelettes, jamon, chorizos. A myth it’s not, it is indeed real. I have eaten these humongous tapas, lots and lots of it.

Anyway, after stuffing up on tapas, apparently people here also give out free drinks. As we were walking away from the tapas place to catch the last metro back, we were stopped by some club bouncer. He said something in Spanish and I was convinced he was either trying to sell us drugs or get us to follow him to perform undesirable activities. But my Spanish friend said, hey, you want a free drink? Um…ok! In the end it really was a free drink and nothing more.

Despite all the free stuff I had received (museum entries too), I have some mixed feelings about Madrid. It’s huge, and for the first time in 9 weeks I feel quite alone. In the big bad city it’s amazingly cold, and most times I can’t feel my hands. It even snowed yesterday.

I’m going on a 6 hour bus ride to Granada tomorrow. I’ve been told the free tapas there are WAY bigger than Madrid, oh yeah.


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