November 27, 2008 § Leave a comment

It´s 5 degrees and sunny this side of Basque Country. I´m pretty excited about the weather and hope it lasts. It´s quite different from the French side, where the lands are rolling soft and green, with white houses dotting the hills and sheep grazing the grass. Kind of like the Shire in Middle-Earth, only there are humans instead of hobbits. On the Spanish side it´s a little more grungy and urbanized, and super close to the Atlantic Ocean.

I love taking photos of the ocean. I love large bodies of water. I must have taken more than a hundred shots while strolling along the beach yesterday morning on the way to see Eduardo Chillida´s sculptures on the western side of the Playa de la Concha. Although technically the walk takes only 30 minutes, it took me a lot longer as I was distracted by various things.

The wind was cold and stung against my face. I noticed several elderly men stripped down to their swimmers and having a morning swim. These people must be hardcore locals. Crazy show-offs! Also, for old people, I thought they were showing WAY too much bare skin.

Along the way there were dogs running around all over the place. I stopped and took photos of this one dog going nuts on the sand, rolling around, drinking from the pools of water, frolicking in the ocean. Kinda like me….going nuts. Somewhere in the middle of the beach there was a children´s playground. I stopped again and took photos of little Spanish kids stumbling about. Awww…they were super cute.

Finally after over and hour I reached the sculptures. They were worth every step in the sand. Check out the picture. And the sun has been shining for 3 days in a row now…will it continue?


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