58 days

November 26, 2008 § Leave a comment

That´s how long I´ve been couchsurfing for. 58 days in a row and damn proud of it. Met some amazing people and done some crazy things. Unfortunately I knew my good luck streak had to end sometime. Wasn´t my fault though as I originally had hosts who canceled on me at the last minute in San Sebastian and Madrid with no explanation. Which I thought wasn´t very nice but hey, life goes on.

It was really hard to leave Ustaritz just when I was starting to make myself at home in Xab´s parents´ place. His dad was a star for giving me a ride all the way to the border. I´ve crossed the border for the second time this month. So I´m here in a nice little hostel in San Sebastian, 2 minutes from the beach. I´m taking this opportunity to be a hermit for a while since I have a private room. With a TV! I hadn´t watched TV in months so I´m basically spending the evening watching Spanish soaps and my favourite hobbits on DVD. I´ve missed you Frodo!

Not to fear though, as my couchsurfing shall resume in about a week in Granada.


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