Goodbye my lover

November 15, 2008 § Leave a comment

It’s pretty cheesy but that’s the song on my ipod as I leave France this fine day. Look up the lyrics.

I left today with vivid images of freshly harvested bright yellow vines in the countryside south of Bordeaux. The aromas of wine being made; sweet, musky, woody; lingers in my mind as if I was still standing right next to the oak barrels in their cellars. The smell is intoxicating. I begin to feel rather melancholy and started to reminisce about my last 5 weeks already. In no particular order, what I’ll miss most:

1. Cheerful boulangeries and patisseries in every street corner. In any weather, they make me so happy.

2. Addictive ‘pain au chocolat’. I must have consumed dozens during my time there.

3. Luxurious French wine. If I become alcoholic, it’s totally their fault.

4. The surreal landscapes of the many French countrysides I’ve been to.

5. All you lovely French girls who have shared with me food, drinks, stories.

6. Last but not least, all you super sexy French men, beautiful inside and out. Details unsuitable for this blog.

I’m still completely addicted and fear I shall suffer from withdrawal symptoms shortly. The only thing I can think of which I won’t miss is probably the piles of dog shit everywhere.


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