November 12, 2008 § Leave a comment

One night in Toulouse, several individuals of questionable character (me inclusive) decided to get out of bed late in the day. It all started out reasonably decent, which involved doing laundry and grocery shopping. However, when we had lunch at 5pm, I was beginning to wonder if we were going to have another midnight dinner, which is a rather strange phenomenon for me.

Anyhow, one learns to adapt to local habits quite quickly. Especially when it involves copious amounts of French wine. It started out in a civilized manner at Jeanne’s place, with good food and good company. After what seemed like hours eating and drinking, we finally get our butts off our chairs and headed out.

I was promised a really cool experience at some rum bar which was apparently decked out pirate style. Ok, pirates are kinda cool. And I don’t mind rum. We arrived just before they closed for the night and had enough time to consume um…a wide selection of their products. It was 2am and we went in search of somewhere else to go. We ended up in some other bar I can’t even remember the name of and had some beers, drink of choice for students, as that was where we were. I started to feel abit old and was quite happy to leave.

But again my companions (of questionable character I stress) thought it would be a great idea to go to a gay nightclub. I suppose people can’t make rational decisions when drunk. Being one of them, I happily shuffled along.

To summarize, the night/morning was a vague recollection of the following:

1. Some guy who brought his 80-year old grandpa to this gay nightclub for shits and giggles. However I think Grandpa was enjoying himself as he was shaking his ass and getting down with it. He was totally bringing sexy back.

2. My male companions having their arses groped at the ‘men only’ section. Hey guys, it’s your own damn fault for wanting to go, so no complaining is allowed.

3. The same said companions pee-ing on the streets in the early morning light.

4. Other random images and unmentionables which are better left as memories in my head.

Good times, Toulouse! Thanks to you I am now completely useless in Bordeaux!


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