Bah humbug

November 6, 2008 § 3 Comments

I am still in Nice. Why, one may ask, when I’m meant to go to Toulouse today?

Apparently trains are on strike. Not ALL trains. Just mine. Not ALL days. Just today. Yay for me. The grumpy lady at the ticket office informs me there will be no trains to Toulouse at all today and the earliest one will be tomorrow. As if the feeling of dejection wasn’t enough, I was stopped randomly by two stuffy policemen and had my passport scrutinized like I was a terrorist. Or worse, an illegal Chinese prostitute. Great. They finally satisfied themselves that I was neither. A plus for this morning, as it could have been worse.

Actually what I was really thinking of was, where should I lie my weary head down tonight? I weighed my options for a while since I had already ‘extended’ my stay with Jeremy for 5 extra days (since I abandoned my Corsica plans). I wonder if he would mind me staying one more day? I called him. So, with my charming personality I managed to gain one more day at Jeremy’s. Coolios. But since I now had no key and had to wait till he finished work, I had 8 hours to burn.

This is getting to be an unpleasant pattern in my trip so far. I seem to be spending countless hours just having to wander aimlessly around places. At airline offices, airports, cafes, the street. Therefore, with NO mood to go anywhere, and lugging my heavy backpack I decide to finally buy myself another book and basically spent the last 8 hours alternating between seats at the shopping mall, a dim bar, and the wet streets of Nice. Oh yes. The rain continues. Fun times!


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