Cobwebs + cake

November 3, 2008 § Leave a comment

Equals Halloween in France.

The rain had not stopped, and I hadn’t been doing much. To summarize, I was bored shitless. Therefore I was hoping for some huge drunken party somewhere in Nice. I was even desperate enough to post a random question on the internet. To no avail. Hmm. Perhaps the people in Nice don’t really like Halloween. Or maybe they don’t like American celebrations? Wait…is it American?

Anyway, I’m digressing. The point is, I ended up having a super night. Even without indulging my alcoholism. BUT! There was cake!

Ok so it was getting late and I was beginning to give up on the idea of a party. However my CS host Jeremy suddenly decided at the last minute that we would be spending Halloween with his family and close friends. Sweet! Something to do. I won’t be the loser who spent Halloween going to sleep at 10pm.

We arrived there just in time for dessert, and apparently, in the middle of a face-painting session. The dining room was decked out Halloween style. From the stylish chandelier hung skeletons and gliterring confetti spiders. On the tables witches and jack-o-lanterns grinned mischievously. There were even fake cobwebs on what looked like artwork made from animal foetuses. Ummmm…ok. I suppose that contributed to the setting.

One of the guys was getting tranformed into Panda Boy From Cute Hell, and another, into a very confused Shrek. Jeremy’s dad, with a clock painted on his face, immediately ordered me to sit down, and to have my large slice of chocolate cake. OK THEN! I’m already in love with these people.

I was invited back a second time on Sunday, and spent a lovely afternoon lunch with them. Note: From now on, I really like lentils and sausages.


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