Scootering around

October 30, 2008 § Leave a comment

It has been raining non-stop for 4 days now. Apparently it doesn’t rain often in Nice but for some reason, it’s raining now. Boo.

Anyway I want a scooter. Because I’ve been riding on one. As a passenger of course. Boy it’s fun. Sau, my couchsurfing host for one night, was nice enough to pick me up from the train station. On his scooter. So with my rather large backpack strapped dangerously behind me, unsecured, we ride deep into the night. I got quite scared, but thought it would be a bad idea to scream. I keep my fear to myself.

No accidents. I think I got over my fear quickly and yesterday, in the rain, Sau took me on a ride along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Destination, Monaco, which I found out was only a short distance from Nice. With a roar of the engine, we zipped past all the slow cars. 100 kms p/h, through stone arches on the highway. Cool wind in my helmet hair, rain beating on my face. The coast is breathtaking.

We reach Monaco and everything looks glitzy and artificial. There is a casino, and very expensive shops. I look around and soon lost interest after 30 minutes. I didn’t even spot any celebrities, even though Sau tells me Bono and Brangelina have houses here. Bah. It was still pouring, and the two of us, cold and wet, decided to head back to Nice.

The ride back was just as fun. In 2 days I’ve decided to go to Corsica. I hope the rain stops.


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