L’apero gare

October 18, 2008 § Leave a comment

So I went to this strange train station party last night. At first I thought it was a theme, but it turned out that the party was held at an actual Paris train station, which was Montparnasse.

Apparently it was a very private party, and the venue was hush-hush until a few hours before. Anyway I was invited by this French couchsurfer Charles, and this party was his friend’s birthday bash. I met up with him, hopped on his motorbike, and on we went to this secret party. Oooh, riding on a motorbike zooming along the streets, was pretty fun.

Right. I got to this party with Charles, which was held at a small hall on the 3rd floor of the station. I poured myself a drink in front of a temporary bench set up in front of the train station’s timetable. Within 10 minutes I immediately got convinced by two very wily French dudes to eat some French cheese. I was very dubious about the cheese as I don’t like cheese. But, these French folks can be very persistent. So I tried the ‘Frenchiest’ cheese, blue cheese it seemed, and OMG it tasted like puke. It was completely vile. I don’t care what anyone says but I’m not eating any more French cheese. Somehow or rather the two Frenchies thought it was pretty funny. Ha ha. I had to get rid of that foul taste with some alcohol.

The party was not the kind of party I thought it was going to be. Damn the French are civilized. The first thing I noticed was there was hardly any beer anywhere. Lots of cheese (ugh), wine, and a tasty looking train-shaped chocolate cake. People were talking politely and there were no signs of yobo behaviour at all.

It was my first night out in Paris, met some cool people and had a great time practicing my horrible French. We stayed and talked till the entire station closed. Finally there were about 7 of us in a completely deserted Montparnasse station.

Hmm. This event was definitely going on my ‘weird’ list. Today I left Cecile’s place and am couchsurfing with an American fashion design student, Lian. Her apartment has a lift, yay! Also a little dog, Abu, to play with!


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