Villa Savoye

October 17, 2008 § Leave a comment

This morning I made the trip to the sleepy little village of Poissy, about an hour’s train ride out of Paris, to ogle at Villa Savoye. All you archi-nerds out there, I can feel your jealousy burning.

I thought the place would be deserted as it wasn’t exactly a tourist spot but was surprised to see a number of students lounging about the Corbusier chairs in the living room and a few other randoms who like me, made the special trip. What was even worse was they charge 6.50 euros to enter the building. Doh! I guess it’s going to be really hard to stick to my stupid budget.

But still it was pretty cool to walk up that famous ramp and staircase and snap away happily at every corner. I sat in the hanging garden. I touched the windows. I caressed the walls. I lounged on the lawn. I didn’t really care much about photographic composition and even took photos of the Corbusier toilets, sinks, taps and bath. I didn’t feel silly at all since everyone else was basically doing the same thing.

Well, after being super geeky today, I’ve just been informed there is an underground party in some Paris train station tonight called ‘apero gare’. Sounds dark and dingy and exciting.


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