Damn you budget

October 16, 2008 § 1 Comment

Ok, so I’m not your typical tourist I suppose. I want to travel for an extended period of time yet not blow all my cash in 6 weeks. Therefore I need to travel light, on a really tight budget. Of course the lousy Australian dollar ain’t really helping. Can’t buy souvenirs, too heavy. Can’t go out every night, no money. Can’t really eat at restaurants, not worth it. So after doing one or two ‘touristy’ things a day, what else is there but hang out in Cecile’s apartment?

Since I had already boozed up in Dubai and Cairo, I don’t really mind just spending quiet evenings here. It’s really not too bad at all. Some might call the following activities ‘boring’:

1. Having really nice meals here with Cecile, the ‘French’ way of course. This takes at least a couple of hours as you go through port/whiskey, apperitif, one or two courses, and dessert, more alcohol, and tea. Lots of talking.

2. Reading ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’ which I might finish soon. Strangely enough in Cairo I was watching LXG in which DG was a character. Stranger though is I find this book in Cecile’s place. So I guess I will inevitably have to go visit Oscar Wilde’s grave at the Cimetiere Du Pere Lachaise sometime while in Paris.

3. Cooking. I know, I hear some of you say, but Steph you hate cooking! No choice I’m afraid.

4. Sleeping a lot. When one is unemployed, this is inevitably a favourite passtime.

5. Walking around Montmartre while resisting buying anything.

6. Updating this blog which seem to be keeping some people vaguely entertained I’m told. Glad I could help!

7. Finding my next couch to surf, an activity that requires immense time and discipline, especially when most of the time I don’t really know where I will end up.

8. Trying to decipher what the people downstairs are shouting about in French. People in this neighbourhood seem to fight a lot. Due to that, there are loads of police activity in this neighbourhood. Think ‘America’s Most Wanted’ to the theme of ‘Bad Boys’, which is precisely what happened 30 minutes ago. Very exciting stuff. I’m so glad I’m getting the ‘real’ Parisian experience.

9. Admiring the view of the Basilique de Sacre Coeur from the kitchen window.

So there you go. I’m not really having what you would call the usual Paris affair though I did walk past Moulin Rouge this afternoon. As I’ve already been last time, I’m not even going to the Eiffel tower or the Louvre, which is just as well on my miniscule budget!


§ One Response to Damn you budget

  • Ivy says:

    bad news, ozzie dollar is going to fall summore me thinks. On the other hand, good when my folks come for my wedding…things will be cheaper.

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