Off with her head!

October 15, 2008 § Leave a comment

Or so I expected to hear an ominous voice shout out whilst I stroll through one of the many lavish gardens of Marie-Antoinette’s (MA) estate.

So today I decide to make the hour long journey to Versailles to see the Chateau de Versailles. Somehow I had gotten the idea in my head that I would be witnessing some kind of profound reconstruction of the times when MA got her head lopped off.

Well, none of that. I was actually a little disappointed that there weren’t any costumed men and women gathered around a fake guillotine. Anyway the place is enormous. Many people know that I have the worst sense of direction in the world and within the hour, I got lost. There are no signs anywhere and all I really wanted to see was MA’s house. So I managed to find the information counter to get some directions. I got a very pushy Vietnamese lady (PVL) who insisted in her shrill voice that I MUST take 2 hours to see the palace. I politely told her I wasn’t that interested but she practically yelled at me in her disapproving voice that I MUST! OR ELSE

I didn’t really want to argue with PVL so obedient me went. I was right after all as there are only so many 18th century paintings of men in wigs one can tolerate. Also many paintings of rather masculine-like women. I try not to judge as it might have been an attractive feature at the time. However what was completely unexpected was this freaky art installation in each room of the palace. The weirdness factor escalated as I stared at a creepy life-sized porcelain figure of Michael Jackson and his pet monkey ‘Bubbles’ (in white of course!) smiling happily amidst all these old paintings and sculptures. There were also giant balloon animals all over the place.

I guess I got my money’s worth in terms of entertainment factor. Oh, I did find MA’s house in the end (she slept in a very tiny bed) but it kinda paled in comparison to scary ‘art’ display at the palace…


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