Bashing dunes in the desert

October 4, 2008 § Leave a comment

I just realized I’m in the middle of the fucking desert. It’s my fourth day in Dubai, and all I want to do is sit inside Maria’s 24 hour air-conditioned villa and hang out by the pool. That’s because it’s almost 40 degrees outdoors, no shade for miles, and no pedestrian friendly footpaths. I feel like my skin is melting the minute I step out. It’s really hard to leave such a comfortable house, but I decide that I want to go on a desert safari.

Ok, so I haul my ass away from the air-conditioning and off I went to Al-Badayer desert, about an hour away from Dubai. Maria sweetly accompanies me, and together with three Frenchies and our Pakistani guide, make up our safari group. As we zoomed away from Dubailand, the shiny buildings start to disappear and all I see are vast amounts of sand, lovely sand.

So apparently we would be doing something called dune-bashing. What? Alright, sounds fun to me. Everyone failed to mention that dune-bashing means driving vigorously up and down the desert. And I mean vigorously. Of course most people don’t know that I get motion sickness really easily, and as our guide bashed those dunes like nobody’s business, I began to wish I didn’t have that ice-cream earlier. However, the bashing stopped after a while, and we all got to stop for some desert sand-boarding. Note to self: don’t open mouth and scream as board slides down dunes, as sand is not very tasty.

Soon after we were taken to a camp with a buffet dinner and belly-dancing show. While waiting for dinner to be served, I got to ride a camel. Camels are awesome. I want to bring one home. The belly-dancer was awesome. I want to bring one home. Come on, EVERYONE needs a camel and a belly-dancer at home!


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