October 2, 2008 § Leave a comment

I am completely tripped out by last night’s secret dinner location. Because the Emirates is an Islamic nation, getting to eat pork was a rare commodity, and we were told that some tasty pork dishes could be had at this place. It was about 7:30pm and Josephine and Nicholas (Maria’s pals) came to pick us up and off we zoomed to Deira, a low-key shopping suburb in Dubai. From the safe enclosure of the car I observed the lines and lines of Indian workers waiting for the bus to go home for the day. Oh yeah, Dubai is 60% Indian populated. And also, it was hard to spot any females walking around.

So we arrived in Deira. We hopped out of the car park, Jo and Nick led us through the chaotic footpaths and onto a very indiscreet block of shops along one of the streets. Everything in the building was closed, but yet the main door was open, welcoming strangers to explore its darkness, or perhaps get themselves up to no good within its seedy confines. Maria and I followed with a mixture of hesitation yet curiosity, wandered amongst all the closed shops until we arrived at a squeaky old lift. Jo pressed the buttons with familiarity and up we went.

More white corridors filled with many, many, brown doors to what looked like entrances to flats above the shops. There was some scratchy red writing on the tiled wall that greeted us as we stepped out of the lift. ‘213’ was all it said, and an arrow pointing left. We walked on, and stopped at one of the brown doors. Jo gave it a a few knocks, and I almost fell over when it was opened by a Chinese lady, and it was a FULL BUSTLING RESTAURANT. People were queuing up and ordering things like pig’s tongue. There were tables with local businessman chatting up Chinese prostitutes and negotiating with their pimps. The ‘living room’ became the front desk and ordering station, with piles of food on display. The ‘bathrooms’ were preparation areas and the makeshift kitchen was vented through a crude opening in the wall. It was like something out of the Matrix, when a different door revealed a different world. Oh man. I gulped down my Red Horse beer and munched on some sweet and sour pork, and wondered, how did I ever I end up in a place like this in the backstreets of Dubai??


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